Saturday, May 9, 2009

Volunteer Opp - Green Trail installation

“Green” Trail with 2,400 Native Perennials and Storm water Swales to be Installed

Installation of a “Green” Trail with 2,400 Native Perennials and Storm water Swales in North Square Neighborhood, Fountain Square

WHERE: North Square Neighborhood is between the interstate (I-65) and Shelby, Virginia and Fletcher. Project location is Hosbrook Street south of I-65.

WHO: North Square Neighborhood Association, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Lilly Day of Service, Surroundings and SEND

WHEN: May 16, 2009; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with preparation the week prior and Lilly Day of Service perennial planting May 20, 2009

Come watch (and help) this working-class neighborhood, faced with the challenges of abandoned houses and absentee landlords, create an all-green trail featuring a crushed stone path, native perennials and vegetative swales.

With a small greenspace grant from KIB and IPL, North Square Neighborhood is beginning the task of becoming the greenest neighborhood in the city.

North Square Neighborhood Association and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful will create a trail of crushed stone, build vegetative swales to help filter and absorb storm water runoff, and prepare flower beds for the 2,400 native Indiana plants that Lilly Day of Service workers and SEND will plant along the trail on May 20, 2009. Allen Janke of Surroundings drew the trail plan. This green project is the first major step in the neighborhood greening. North Square has already installed a paper recycling bin, a number of rain barrels—with many more to come— and an upcoming planning charrette will focus on greening North Square.

“Our goal is to have North Square become a LEED certified neighborhood in 2010 when the LEED Neighborhood Development standards are set,” said neighborhood association president, Connie Zeigler. Come and watch North Square Neighborhood take the first steps toward making that goal a reality. We’ll even lend you a shovel to help us dig our swell swale!

CONTACT: Connie Zeigler

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