Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Before you know it, the Indiana State Fair will be here for August 7-23. Big Brothers Big Sisters has agreed to find 450 volunteers ages 14 or older to do a 5-hour shift each at the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit, which in turn will raise $12,000 for BBBSCI. It will also expose thousands of kids attending the Fair to what a farm does in terms of planting and growing fruits and vegetables and how farmers gather eggs and apples.

In exchange for volunteering, you’ll receive a free ticket to the Fair, free parking, and a volunteer T-shirt. For anyone who volunteers 5 or more days (25 or more hours) will get a FREE 17-day pass to the State Fair.

They have just started signing people up, so you can pick which day you want to volunteer (Aug. 7 – Aug. 23) and which shift (9:15am – 2:15pm or 2:15pm – 7:15pm). Please see contact info below.

Let Arin know which date and time will work best for you. To sign up she will need to know your name, address, email, and phone #. They will send out reminders in June and hopefully we will get the tickets, parking passes and t-shirts from the Fair in July and then mail that out to you. If you are signing up other people too, let them know their name – but she only need your address and she can send everything to needed to you.

Please contact Arin Rohr Schellenberg if you have any questions; feel free to call her at 472-3742 or email aschellenberg@bbbsci.org.

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