Thursday, August 26, 2010



Indy Parks and Recreation will host “America We Remember” at the MacAllister Center of the Performing Arts at Garfield Park, September 4th beginning at 6:30 p.m. This musical extravaganza and fireworks display is generously sponsored by The Friends of Garfield. Back this year by popular demand, The Wright Brothers will add their unique touch to the evening as the featured artist. The program will also include patriotic readings from Indianapolis dignitaries and jazz violinist Cathy Morris.

The event is FREE! Come early, bring a picnic, get a good seat or sit in the lawn. Join us as we celebrate the men and women in uniform and say goodbye to the summer season. Come show your support and celebrate with us at Garfield Park for “America We Remember.” For more information call 317-327-7135.

And don’t forget the Miracle Mile Parade “Honoring Hoosier Heroes” just down the street. The parade begins at 1 p.m.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transcript of Mayor Greg Ballard’s 2011 Proposed Budget Address to the City-County Council

Members of the Indianapolis Marion County City County Council:

Good evening. I am pleased to introduce to you tonight a balanced 2011 budget for the City of Indianapolis.

We believe that Indianapolis can excel as a city while remaining affordable for taxpayers. This budget, though not revenue neutral, is my administration’s third balanced budget in a row and reinforces our philosophy that affordability and livability can go hand in hand.

Work on this budget didn’t begin last month, or even last year. It began January 1, 2008, when we initiated our efforts to improve service, cut costs, and protect taxpayer dollars at every turn.

My administration took office in the midst of a national financial crisis that persists today. We have faced and continue to face fiscal challenges that carry with them the need to make tough decisions. But we know the economic conditions that made this budget and previous budgets difficult to balance for government are the same conditions that make it difficult for hardworking families to balance their own budgets.

Money is tight for everyone right now. Rainy day funds are being used because the fact of the matter is – it’s raining. Despite difficult economic times, we must continue to seek better ways to provide essential services at a lower cost to residents, and to create a climate in which our citizens can afford to live and live well. I am proud to say that this budget accomplishes both. And it does so without turning to massive layoffs, diminished service levels or massive debt as solutions. Strong fiscal leadership during the last two and a half years means we have a rainy day fund and because of this we won’t have to make the drastic cuts other governments are making this year. Instead, we have continued to apply the same high standard of fiscal responsibility to our budget process that has worked in Indianapolis for the past three years and will continue to pay dividends for the next 50 years.

Our team, led by City of Indianapolis Controller David Reynolds – has worked in close coordination with every city and county agency to develop a balanced budget, focused on investing in the future and improving the quality of life for every Indianapolis resident. Our open and transparent approach to creating this budget should make it easy to see that even for a lean budget, resources are strategically aligned to improve public safety; attract and grow quality jobs and invest in innovative ways to provide opportunities for our youth.

In 2010, we felt the full effect of property tax caps, creating what was one of our toughest budget years to date. We championed this much-needed relief in the legislature, because the people who live here deserve a consistent, predictable tax structure. It was the right thing to do, and it continues to be a positive measure for our city. Today, Marion County residents are paying on average 33% less in property taxes than they were three years ago.

And in addition to paying less, they are experiencing improved service from their city government. In 2010, we implemented RequestIndy, a fully automated website that allows citizens to initiate service requests to the Mayor’s Action Center, improving service options to citizens. We saved over $20 million through a complete overhaul of the city’s employee health benefits including an audit of the dependent eligibility. Further savings to the city were realized by consolidating multiple separate HR departments to remove duplication. In the Department of Code Enforcement, we created a one-stop shop for business licensing, which saved money and improved efficiency for the consumer. In the Department of Metropolitan Development, we continue to allocate operational funding toward grant sources and away from local tax supported funding. Last year, less than 5% of DMD’s funding was derived from property tax dollars.

In addition to these often-hidden cost savings and process improvements, we had some big wins too. In the last two years we have completed 92 economic development projects, accounting for 20,932 new and retained job commitments and $749M in capital investment. Unlocked more than four hundred million dollars for investment in roads, bridges, sidewalks, abandoned homes, and other improvements by transferring the water and wastewater systems to the non-profit public charitable trust known as Citizens Energy Group.

We found innovative ways to rebound from the decreased revenue last year, and this year will be no different.

This year, due to the national recession, a decrease in income tax revenue felt by the state over the last two years is impacting our allocation from the state and we will experience a $50 million shortfall in 2011. Facing this dramatic reduction to our revenue structure, we began this budget process with nearly double our anticipated deficit. As in years past, we have approached this hardship, not by passing along the financial burden to citizens, but by taking a close look at programs and services to determine which are essential, which amount to an overreach in the core functions of municipal government, and which could be improved to produce greater cost savings

Taking a disciplined approach to departmental budgeting, we have once again worked closely with all departments and agencies throughout city-county government to develop a plan that operates below our 2010 appropriations. We removed $25 million from the agency base; adjusted expenditures are only 1.2% above 2008 spending and are 2% less than projected 2010 spending. We have also set a $10 million management reserve target for 2011 that we will meet through a strategic hiring and wage freeze, offering an early retirement option with controlled refilling of positions, a reduction of the administrative vehicle fleet, continued process improvement, and consolidation of operations in remaining decentralized human resource departments. Our new integrated financial management system will also be ready to facilitate the consolidation and centralization of accounting and financial operations

We are living within our means and investing wisely in the future, and we are holding strong to our commitment to create efficiencies, reduce wasteful spending, and invest in public/private partnerships.

Public safety has been, is now, and will remain job one. We have invested greatly in ensuring our law enforcement and emergency responders have the resources they need to keep our citizens safe, and that is why we have worked to fund the same number of sworn officers in IMPD, IFD, and the Sheriff’s Department in the 2011 budget. We have also included provisions for air-cards for IMPD officers to permit direct access rather than forcing officers to drive around, searching for a wireless hotspot.

Also in this budget, you will see the consolidation of city Accounts Payable and Payroll into the Marion County Auditor’s Office as required by state statute; consolidation of the Sheriff’s and Metropolitan Emergency Communication Agency’s IT Department into ISA, the city’s Centralized IT Department; completed consolidation of Franklin Township Fire Dept into IFD; consolidation of the Indy Parks Maintenance Department personnel and contracts into DPW, and additional one-time funding to the County Assessor to process property tax appeals and to begin the 2012 property reassessment .

Making fiscally responsible decisions now will help put Indianapolis on better footing for years to come. We have seen this through our innovative RebuildIndy program, which is already working to rehabilitate our crumbling infrastructure. Investing in our city streets, sidewalks, alleyways and bridges now will not only improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, but will put us in a better position to attract new business, grow our tourism industry and allow us to solve our problems now without resting those burdens on the backs of future taxpayers.

We are without question in the midst of tough economic times. Most of us have been personally affected by the down economy in one way or another. But during these difficult times, when cities and counties throughout the country are stopping essential services, laying off public safety personnel hundreds at a time and non-public safety employees by the thousands, I remain extremely proud that our Controller’s office joined by every department and agency have demonstrated their determination to continue providing excellent service for our citizens.

My proposed budget sets forth a plan by which we can continue serving all citizens of Marion County by making Indianapolis a safe, livable city now and for future generations. I appreciate your bipartisan support of our budget process for the last two years and once again welcome your thorough review of this budget, and I look forward to many positive discussions in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

City Selects ACS, Denison Global Parking and Evens Time Team as New Parking System Operators

Proposal will generate $35 million upfront and more than $400 million total for infrastructure; ACS will create 200 new jobs over two years

Mayor Greg Ballard today announced the City selected ACS, A Xerox Company, as the operator of Indianapolis’ public parking system. The ACS team includes Denison Global Parking and Evens Time and was selected from 16 bids as the proposed operator of the City’s meters, garages and lots. The proposal will result in a $35 million upfront payment, with ongoing revenues to the city totaling more than $400 million over the 50 year agreement, in addition to the creation of 200 jobs in Indianapolis.

“This collaboration with ACS will enhance our City’s already vibrant economic environment and, in addition, create 200 new jobs for our residents,” said Mayor Ballard. “Because of this proposal, significant infrastructure improvements will be completed in the downtown and Broad Ripple areas, but also Rebuilds Indy in another way—through modernizing our parking system and bringing new convenient technology to Indianapolis.”

The RFP process allowed the City to comprehensively review its government-owned parking assets for the first time in decades. The combination of these assets under one management company will save money through efficiencies, in addition to providing consistent, updated technology throughout the City. By modernizing the City’s parking system, residents, employees and visitors of downtown and Broad Ripple will have a better parking experience. New multi-space meter technology, the ability to pay with a credit card and greater parking availability will allow for an enhanced quality of life, while also creating a vibrant economic environment and freeing dollars for infrastructure investment.

The ACS proposal, which consists of a hybrid revenue sharing model, will provide the City with a $35 million upfront payment with a continuing stream of revenue from parking rate increases and violations. ACS expects the City to collect approximately $400 million in ongoing revenue share over the length of the contract. Proceeds from the parking system will be used for infrastructure projects, including streets, sidewalks, bridges and parks, in the downtown and Broad Ripple.

“Parking management is a key component to reduce urban congestion and drive economic development,” said David Amoriell, executive vice president and group president of Transportation Solutions, ACS, A Xerox Company. “The ACS team will bring its 30 years of parking management experience to the City of Indianapolis to provide residents with intelligent transportation systems that will result in more convenient parking options, jobs and economic development.”

This decision follows a robust public outreach program that included five public forums and numerous briefings with City-County Councillors, businesses and key stakeholders.

The City filed its recommendations to the City-County Council today. The Council will review and vote on ACS’ proposal to manage and operate the City’s parking meters. The City is recommending the ACS team as the garage and lot operator to the city’s project partners, which includes the State of Indiana, the CIB, Simon Property Group and Health and Hospital Corporation.

Mayor Ballard issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) on Feb. 10 for a long-term concession arrangement and management contract for the City’s parking system. On Mar. 15, the City received 16 responses to the RFQ, and after reviewing the proposals, seven companies were selected to continue in the process.

The City currently oversees more than 15,000 parking spaces and could incorporate other governmental entities’ parking lots throughout the area for a total of more than 24,000 parking spaces. Included in this request are three Capital Improvement Board (CIB) surface lots and one parking garage, one City of Indianapolis parking garage and all metered street spaces. In addition, the proposal asks for responses for the State of Indiana downtown parking garages, four garages affiliated with Simon Property Group and the parking to be created at the new Wishard Memorial Hospital.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Talk with instructors, try a class and learn about upcoming programs and special events

Indy Parks & Recreation’s Garfield Park Arts Center (GPAC) will host an open house from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday August 28, 2010. Swing by to experience all the GPAC has to offer! This is your chance to sample workshops led by talented Teaching Artists representing many mediums including clay, drawing, painting, jewelry-making, dance and more. Those interested may enroll in a class on-site. Various clubs and other groups of arts enthusiasts will also be sharing their passions and encouraging you to get involved.

NEW classes this fall include creative drama for preschool and youth taught by Lora Langston. Music instruction will be offered by Ana Garcia in woodwinds, piano and voice. Create your own loveable monster in our Stitch ‘n Stuff workshop for youth. Learn the basics of jewelry making with Marti Icenogle just in time to join our Jewelry Open Studio. This is just a sample of the many new offerings this fall at the GPAC!

While you are visiting, enjoy the GPAC’s gallery spaces which will be exhibiting the National Arts Program ® featuring work in a wide variety of media by City of Indianapolis employees, retirees and their families.

With expanded hours, free hands-on family arts activities every weekend, a rotating schedule of exhibits and internationally-themed special events, the GPAC is a unique space, and getting better all the time. Take this opportunity to sample and enroll in a class then share your thoughts with staff as to how the GPAC could be even better.

Who: Indy Parks: Garfield Park Arts Center Teaching Artists, Partners and Staff.

What: Garfield Park Arts Center Open House

Where: Garfield Park Arts Center

2432 Conservatory Drive

When: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. August 28, 2010


Favorable Bond Rating Plays Crucial Role in Landing $13.8 Million More Than Initially Expected to Improve Indianapolis’ Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks

Mayor Greg Ballard announced today that the City recently received $153.8 million to invest in capital improvement projects through the City’s RebuildIndy program. These funds are the first set of funds unlocked by Mayor Ballard’s efforts to streamline our utilities. The funds will be invested to improve roads, bridges, and sidewalks throughout the City.

“This incredible investment to improve our city is just the beginning,” said Mayor Ballard. “With the City-County Council’s approval of transfer of the water and wastewater systems to Citizens Energy Group, we expect to secure another several hundred million in early 2011. Addressing our infrastructure needs, without tax increases, will further Indianapolis’ place as one of the most livable, sustainable cities in the Midwest.”

Originally, city financial advisors anticipated securing an estimated $140 million. However, Indianapolis’ AAA credit rating from all three rating agencies—Moody Investor Services, Standard and Poor (S&P) and Fitch Ratings—resulted in the City securing $13.8 million more than anticipated. Due in large part to the City’s rigorous financial management, Indianapolis is one of only three cities of comparable size and larger with an AAA rating from all three major rating agencies.

“In a time of economic uncertainty, Indianapolis is setting itself apart. The City’s strong credit rating leads to greater opportunities, which means the City can invest more money to address taxpayer needs,” said Deron Kintner, Indianapolis Bond Bank Executive Director.

The City is in the process of finalizing the best infrastructure opportunities in which to invest the first $153.8 million. Mayor Ballard is committed to fixing infrastructure problems on all sides of the City. DPW engineers are creating a priority list of projects, and many of these projects are already being bid. Construction on more than $50 million in projects will start before the end of 2010. These projects have been determined through a series of public forums, feedback from the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC), input from City-County Councillors, and expert analysis by DPW engineers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mayor Greg Ballard will once again recognize Indianapolis residents for their volunteer contributions and commitment to community service with the 2010 Mayor's Community Service Awards.

"Our city is known for the spirit of community and giving. Our residents give of their time and talent for causes that continually better our community," said Mayor Ballard. "It is through the tireless work and positive contributions of so many of our resident volunteers that continue to make Indianapolis a wonderful place to call home."

The Mayor's Community Service Awards, a prestigious honor given by the Mayor's Office, aims to recognize the positive impact of residents for the overall betterment of the community. Marion County residents may be nominated in one of several categories including: Arts, Business, Church, Education, Elderly, Health/Hospitals, Media, Neighborhood, Philanthropy, Special Needs, Sports, and Youth Services.

Mayor Ballard will honor the award recipients at a special ceremony in the fall of 2010. The names of each recipient will be engraved on individual bricks to be placed at the Mayor's Volunteer Plaza on the Downtown Canal basin.

Nominations for the 2010 Mayor's Community Service Awards are open to those residing in Marion County and will be accepted through Friday, August 27, 2010. Contact Douglas Hairston at for more information.

Cultural Trail Meeting

A reminder of the upcoming public meeting for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 24, from 6-8 p.m. at the Fountain Square Theater Building. Everyone is welcome. ICT representatives will be there to provide the latest updates on the Southeast Corridor (Virginia Avenue) and take your questions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indy Peace Day

Please join us for Indy Peace Day on Saturday, September 11 at Riverside Park, 2420 East Riverside Drive. The day will be kicked off with the annual Riverside Civic League parade at 11:00 a.m. Immediately after the parade we invite you to join with us to form a human peace sign to demonstrate our commitment to peace. Bring your lawn chairs or a blanket and enjoy local entertainment including drummers, dancers and singers.

Indy Peace Day, sponsored by Indianapolis Weed & Seed communities, the City of Indianapolis, Riverside Civic League and Peace in the Streets, is a unified day of peace when we will work together to inspire citizens to choose peace and humanity above hostility, to strive for the end of all violence against every man, woman and child in Indianapolis, and to actively embrace Peace in the Streets.

For more information visit

Public Hearing to Discuss Proposed IndyGo 2011 Budget

WHAT: IndyGo, along with its board of directors, will host a public hearing to discuss and welcome comments on its proposed 2011 budget.

WHEN: Thursday, August 19, 2010, starting at 5 p.m.

WHERE: IndyGo Board Room

1501 West Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46222

Accessible via IndyGo Route 8

WHO: The media and general public are invited to attend.

ASSOCIATED IndyGo’s proposed 2011 Budget can be downloaded at:


Monday, August 16, 2010

Free job and economic forecast WORKSHOPS

University of Phoenix INDIANAPOLIS CAMPUS Hosts

CNBC News Anchor Erin Burnett and CareerBuilder’s Rosemary Haefner

to provide keynote address

WHAT: University of Phoenix, the largest private accredited University in North America, is partnering with CNBC News Anchor Erin Burnett and CareerBuilder’s Vice President of Human Resources Rosemary Haefner to co-host “Strategies in the New Economy” workshops. The workshops hosted by University of Phoenix’s Indianapolis Campus will provide attendees support tools and information to help adapt to the ever-changing job market, and to help people land not just a job, but a career in today’s economy.

WHERE: 7999 Knue Rd., Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46250

WHEN: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The evening will include the following workshops:

“The Financial Side of the New Economy” and “Jobs in the New Economy”: CNBC’s Erin Burnett and CareerBuilder’s Rosemary Haefner will discuss the current state of the new economy, from its overall financial implications to how attendees can secure a career in today’s economy. (Session is prerecorded and delivered via video).

“Where the Jobs Are”: University of Phoenix faculty member David Lantz will provide a local view of the Indianapolis employment landscape with localized job data provided by CareerBuilder.

“Resume Writing & Interview Skills”: University of Phoenix faculty member LaToya Carson will provide a practical presentation with tools to help attendees prepare for their next career search.

“Alumni Corner”: Nick Carter, creator and president of software company AddressTwo, will be on hand to discuss how the University has shaped his career and what companies are looking for in future employees. Carter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing in 2005 from University of Phoenix Indianapolis.

WHO: “Strategies in the New Economy” workshops are free and open to the public. Space is limited, so attendees need to RSVP to by August 17, 2010. More information can be found at

“It is extremely important to the Indianapolis community that we provide this useful information in an effort to change and improve the economic landscape,” said Anne Gillespie, State Vice President of Indiana campuses. “Our Indiana campuses are leaders in providing hands-on, real-life educational experiences to local communities, and these free workshops are a great example of that.”


Indy Parks' Fall Fun Guide available; registration begins Friday

INDIANAPOLIS - (Aug. 12, 2010) Sign up for fall programs with Indy Parks starting this Friday! The 2010 Fall Fun Guide is now available at and your nearest family center or Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library branch. Get the latest program schedules, park events and holiday gatherings at Indy Parks facilities. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Friday, Aug. 13. Online registration now available at! Or you can register by calling 327-PARK or sending in the registration form on page 69 of the 2010 Fall Fun Guide.

Indy Parks offers a broad variety of programs for all ages and interests. Shape your own pot or vase on the pottery wheel at Broad Ripple Park, learn to swim at Krannert Park's indoor aquatic center, take a hayride at Southeastway Park, ice skate at Perry Park Ice Rink or meet a raptor at Eagle Creek Park!

Indy Parks distributes three Fun Guides each calendar year:
Winter/Spring, Summer and Fall. For more information on Indy Parks
programs and activities, please visit or call

Bike Indy. Swim Indy. Run Indy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mayor’s Action Center Celebrates Milestone DPW Director Makes 50,000th Follow-up Call to Citizen

The Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) celebrated a milestone on Wednesday afternoon, making the 50,000th follow-up call to a citizen who had requested City services. Department of Public Works Director David Sherman was on hand to make the 50,000th call.

Director Sherman spoke with a citizen who had reported 15 chuckholes near the 1800 block of E. Maryland St. During the call, the citizen confirmed that all of the chuckholes had been filled and expressed satisfaction with the services provided by the MAC.

Mayor Greg Ballard has charged members of his administration with finding ways to improve the level of service and ways in which citizens are able to interact with local government. In addition to other efforts to improve performance and efficiency in the MAC, customer service representatives have been making outbound calls since November 2008 to citizens for closure once a service has been rendered. Since the beginning of 2010, the MAC has also achieved an average abandoned-call rate of less than 2.5 percent.

“We are excited to have Director Sherman join us for the 50,000th call as we continue our commitment to pursuing ways to improve quality and service to individuals and neighborhoods,” said Director of Constituent Services, Sarah Taylor. “With great support from Mayor Ballard, we have made significant strides in this effort thanks to the hard work of our customer service representatives and improvements in technology, allowing us to streamline services and find efficiencies.”

Citizens are able to report problems or request City services by calling the MAC at 327-4MAC (4622) during operating hours (Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) or submitting a request for service online anytime through RequestIndy at

Mayor, Infrastructure Advisory Commission Gather Feedback on Key Initiatives at Public Meeting

Mayor Greg Ballard and the Infrastructure Advisory Commission (IAC) held a public meeting this evening at the Garfield Park Arts Center to discuss several ongoing initiatives of the administration which, if enacted, will help fund much-needed infrastructure improvements throughout the City. The meeting included a brief presentation by members of the Ballard administration featuring current City projects including the City’s utility transfer to Citizen’s Energy Group, RebuildIndy, as well as a review of the current plans to modernize parking management and technology.

“During these tough economic times, we have been challenged to create innovative solutions to our infrastructure problems that use our resources wisely while delivering better services,” said Mayor Ballard. “I can proudly say we have many bold initiatives that will improve the state of our city for years to come, without passing the cost to our residents and taxpayers.”

Members of the public were encouraged to voice their questions and opinions during the evening’s question and answer session which opened the floor for conversation on all three initiatives. Key among those was the City’s current Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to modernize and consolidate the management of parking assets.

“Our goal with this project is to see what opportunities are out there to streamline the non-uniform and outdated parking system we currently utilize,” said Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Michael Huber. “By modernizing the current technology and consolidating the contracts on lots and garages, we hope to spur turnover at meters and increase economic development in our downtown and in Broad Ripple all while using funds to make much-needed infrastructure improvements to those areas which need it most.

During the meeting, City officials shared a plan to potentially increase meter rates and hours, which must be addressed to improve the parking system and ensure meter turnover. Currently, meter rates are $0.75 per hour and have not been increased since 1975. Because of this, possible meter rate structures being considered range from $1 to $1.50 per hour, depending on location of the meter. These potential rates were formulated by referencing parking analysis completed by Indianapolis Downtown Inc. and Walker Parking Consultants. The City-County Council would maintain oversight on any changes to locations, hours and rates under the current negotiations.

Among other issues covered, the IAC continued public conversation on the planned transfer of water and wastewater to Citizens Energy Group and RebuildIndy, the City’s initiative which will invest more than $425 million to rebuild deteriorating thoroughfares, residential streets, sidewalks, and bridges, as well as address neighborhood drainage and flooding issues and demolish unsalvageable abandoned homes that pose a public safety threat to neighborhoods. Infrastructure improvements will create local jobs and ultimately increase public safety for neighborhoods and residents, which support Mayor Ballard’s commitment to make Indianapolis a more livable city.

Mayor Ballard created the four-member IAC in February 2009 and charged them with developing an honest assessment of the challenges faced by the city due to the critical infrastructure needs by devising long-term recommendations and solutions to Indianapolis’ infrastructure needs. The Commission acts as a sounding board for the community on ideas Indianapolis residents may have about how infrastructure problems can be solved while looking at innovative ideas that are being put to practice in other communities.

“It’s clear that we have many infrastructure wants and needs in Indianapolis that would be nearly impossible to meet without additional resources such as those that can come from the administration’s current initiatives,” said IAC Chairman Bill Blomquist, Dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. “While those additional resources give us the opportunity to make real progress, even they are not unlimited. We’ll still have to weigh our needs against our capabilities, and as we on the IAC listen to our fellow citizens that responsibility is what we will keep in mind.”

Members of the IAC include Chairman Bill Blomquist, Dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI; Todd Stuart, Vice President of Stuart’s Moving and Storage; Mike Hudson, Chairman of IPOWER Energy Systems, LLC; and the newly appointed Dr. Jackie Greenwood of Indianapolis Public Schools.

For more information on the IAC visit

Monday, August 9, 2010

INRC Announces New Cycle of ICBI Beginning in August

And the Community Leadership Certificate Program

Are you a leader looking for ways to improve your skills? Have you ever considered leading a group but didn't think that you had what it takes? Enrolling in the Indianapolis Community Building Institute (ICBI) could be the answer!

All participants of ICBI begin in Track 1 and progress through the curriculum, breakfast and lunch are provided. Participants must attend all six Saturdays! INRC will offer the next FREE cycle of ICBI on the following dates:

Track #1: Saturday August 28 and Saturday September 11, 2010, 8:30am-3:00pm

Track #2: Saturday October 2 and Saturday October 16, 2010, 8:30am-3:00pm

Track #3: Saturday October 30 and Saturday, November 13, 2010, 8:30am-3:00pm

Graduation Ceremony: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Community Leadership Certificate Program

Now announcing the newly formed Community Leadership Certificate Program! Made possible by a partnership between INRC, Making Connections Indianapolis and Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana, we are excited to introduce and launch this new initiative.

This program offers official leadership training to the unique needs of neighborhood communities and their residents. Upon completing the 48 contact hour series of leadership focused courses, participants will earn their certificate of completion from Ivy Tech.

How does this work, you now have options. One option is taking part in INRC's ICBI training listed above. If however you would like to pursue a certificate from Ivy Tech there are courses in addition to ICBI that must be completed.

For more information on either ICBI and /or the Community Leadership Certificate Program, contact your INRC Neighborhood Development Specialist at 317-920-0330 or download applications at

Friday, August 6, 2010

Daytime Medical Debt Workshop

Community Meeting
Friday August 20, 2010
10:00 a.m. - Noon

Are you drowning in hospital bills?
Have you had problems getting care
at an area hospital?
Do you want to learn more about your rights
as a healthcare consumer?
Are you being sued for overdue medical bills
and need an attorney?
Please join us for a
Hospital Accountability Project (HAP)

Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center
1920 W. Morris Street

HAP: Working to improve Indianapolis hospitals’ charity care policies to
ensure that uninsured and underinsured citizens can access hospital care
without incurring large amounts of debt.
Sponsored by Citizens Action Coalition Education Fund
and Indiana Legal Services.
Information contact CACEF 317-205-3535 or

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Please join Mayor Greg Ballard and the Bethel Park neighborhood for the “Community Celebration and Dedication” of the new $2 million aquatic facility at Bethel Park at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010.

Funded through the Indianapolis Parks Foundation, thanks to a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., Bethel Park Aquatic Facility now offers a 25-yard, 6-lane pool with a three—story speed slide and interactive spray ground. Indy Parks and Recreation closed Bethel Pool during the 2009 summer season because of irreparable leaks and decaying infrastructure. The new aquatic facility opened to the public July 28, 2010 after a four-month construction schedule.

Join neighborhood friends and families for a pool party with Bethel Park’s band, Visions Ministries Fashion Show, Radio Disney’s Move It!, speed slide races and popsicles.

WHO: Mayor Greg Ballard, Indy Parks Director Stuart Lowry, Indianapolis Parks Foundation Executive Director Cindy Porteous, community leaders, youth and staff

WHAT: Bethel Pool Community Celebration and Dedication

WHEN: Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 1 p.m.

WHERE: Bethel Park, 2850 Bethel Ave.


Join Mayor Greg Ballard in partnership with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Indy Parks for the 2nd Annual Peace In the Streets Peace Bowl this Saturday, August 7th at Washington Park. Peace Bowl brings together more than 20 teams of youth ages 10 -18 together with IMPD law enforcement officers in a friendly and competitive single-elimination basketball game. The event continues to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and opens the opportunity for positive dialogue between teens and police officers.



3130 E. 30TH STREET

7 A.M. - 7 P.M.

2010 Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference

Registration Opens August 4th!

2010 Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference

and Indiana Achievement Awards

Please mark your calendars on October 12th for the 2010 Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference from 8:15am - 5:30pm at the Indiana State Government Center, South.

This conference will present solutions, tools and resources for nonprofit and community-based organizations to boost revenue, remain relevant, adapt to the demanding economic and societal climate changes and stay financially afloat. Through interactive workshops and discussions, participants will learn how to:

PREPARE through more effective planning, program management, fundraising, and governance;

MEASURE impact by defining goals and measuring progress and successes; and

SUCCEED by learning from real world strategies, solutions, and success stories.

The conference is from 8:15am - 3:30pm and the Indiana Achievement Awards Ceremony and Reception and Presentation of the Michael A. Carroll Award immediately following: 3:45-5:30pm.

The conference is offered at the following low charge:

Regular Registration (Valid through 9/6); $50

Late & On-Site Registration (after 9/6): $75

IAA Ceremony and Reception Only; $25

Cost for the conference includes admittance to the 1-day conference, the IAA ceremony and reception, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and networking.

For more information about the conference visit the conference website at


Art Exhibit at the Garfield Park Arts Center

The Garfield Park Arts Center (GPAC) is proud to host the 3rd Annual Exhibit of The National Arts Program® from August 14 through September 26, 2010. The National Arts Program® is a showcase featuring the artistic talent of City of Indianapolis employees, retirees, their family members and City volunteers. This is a juried exhibit where the participants compete for cash prizes in both Adult and Youth/Teen categories.

This year's exhibit will host over 50 participants with more than 80 works on display. Artworks will include ceramics, paintings, drawings, sculpture, woodcraft, jewelry and more. The opening reception and awards ceremony will feature live music and appetizers August 14 from 6 - 8 p.m. In the GPAC Arts for All studio, participants of all ages will be able to visit an "instrument petting zoo" and try their hands at making music with brass, woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments.

For more information call 327-7135 or visit or

Community Yard Sale

At Pride Center

1129 S. Vandeman St

Friday and Saturday,
August 6th and 7th, 2010
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sponsored By:
Southeast Community Services
Norwood Neighborhood Center

Fair time!

An August tradition returns as we host a Pedal & Park free bicycle parking corral at the Indiana State Fair, so that you can pedal past the pump to a great time.

One of our original destinations and a great crowd-pleaser, this event gets underway Friday, August 6, and continues through Sunday, August 22. Our corral will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day at 38th Street and the Monon Trail.

And here’s the best part: You get $1 off Fair admission by parking at Pedal & Park. Forget driving and burning gasoline. When you ride your bike, park for free and get $1 off the gate, you make money!

Better yet, volunteer to staff the corral and earn a free admission into the Fair, which you can use that day or any other day. To volunteer, email the Pedal & Park chairman.

Hot laps on the Avenue

You also can pedal to Massachusetts Avenue on Saturday, August 14 for the New Belgium Mass Ave. Criterium bike races.

This high-speed, high-thrill action event also features food, fun and music through the afternoon and into the evening. Park your bike, for free, while you park yourself beside a fast-track straightaway or a hairpin turn.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

City Gathers Feedback on Parking Modernization at Public Meeting

New parking meter technology, rates, hours and locations discussed

The City continued its public dialogue regarding its Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to consolidate the management of government-owned parking garages, lots and meters this evening at the Athenaeum in Downtown Indianapolis. In the first comprehensive review of Indianapolis’ government-owned parking assets, representatives from Mayor Greg Ballard’s office discussed opportunities for new multi-space meter technology with alternative payment options such as credit card, debit card or cell phone technology, in addition to parking garage and lot management contracts and the future of meter rates, hours and locations.

“Our goal is to upgrade our city’s aging and outdated parking meters with modernized parking meter technology and streamline fragmented government-owned parking garage and lot contracts,” said Michael Huber, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development. “Creating a system with accessible parking will allow Downtown Indianapolis and Broad Ripple to continue to grow as thriving districts and continue to be attractive locations for new merchants and businesses. As this process continues, it is important that we continue to gather input from the public as we work to ensure the best plan for both citizens and local businesses is reached.”

Currently, the City oversees more than 15,000 parking spaces including metered spaces, surface lots and garages. By streamlining the contracts of multiple government-owned garages and lots into one contract, the City will provide savings to taxpayers while creating a more efficient parking system. In addition to taxpayer savings, the process provides an opportunity to create additional dollars to invest in the improvement of Downtown and Broad Ripple roads, sidewalks, bridges and other infrastructure through the parking meter transaction.

During the meeting, City officials shared a plan to potentially increase meter rates and hours. Parking rates and hours must be addressed to improve the parking system and ensure meter turnover. Currently meter rates are $0.75 per hour and have not been increased since 1975. Because of this, possible meter rate structures being considered range from $1 to $1.50 per hour. These potential rates were formulated by referencing parking analysis completed by Indianapolis Downtown Inc. and Walker Parking Consultants. The City-County Council would maintain oversight on any changes to locations, hours and rates under the current negotiations.

Once the City concludes the RFQ process and selects a winning bid, the City-County Council will review the proposal and must approve the contract.

For more information about the public parking system initiative and to fill out our parking survey, visit

City Denies Taxicab Licenses

The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE) announced today that they will deny the license applications of seven taxicab companies, representing approximately 160 cabs.

The licenses were denied for failure to comply with various requirements and obligations provided for in the Revised Code. While the specifics differ for each company, the underlying cause for each denial was the company’s inability to either have a dispatch facility or their failure to staff that dispatch facility. Additional problems included the failure to provide a dispatch log or having provided an incomplete and inadequate log that did not comply with Code.

“The Department of Code Enforcement is tasked with protecting the public from business behaviors that can negatively impact the health, safety, prosperity or convenience of the citizens of Indianapolis through the business licensing section. Businesses are expected to adhere to the provisions of Code, as well as abide by the terms of their license,” said Rick Powers, Director of the Department of Code Enforcement. “These license denials illustrate just one example of how DCE uses licensing as a means to deter illegal behaviors that impact the quality of life in the City.”

As a result of the denials, over one hundred sixty (160) taxis should not be operated unless a new application is submitted and approved.

“After investigating complaints and concerns, we noticed that the issues we were having were indicative of a larger problem, the inability of the companies themselves to adhere to the provisions required of them,” said License Administrator Adam Collins. “We have focused our efforts on ensuring that every company, from the top down, follows the obligations of the Code.”

The following companies are no longer licensed and should not be operating effective today: A-Z Airport, Broad Ripple Village Taxi, Capitol Taxi, Freedom Cab, Metro Taxi, Midwest Taxi and Nationwide Taxi.

Whenever possible, DCE licensing staff will work with the companies who demonstrate that they have corrected any issues to bring their companies into compliance and operate a business responsibly within the requirements set forth by the Code.

The public is asked to report any of the taxis associated with the above identified companies in operation to the Department of Code Enforcement via the (317) 327-TAXI telephone line or the email address. Citizens will be asked to include their name and contact information, the taxi cab number, and a brief narrative describing the activity witnessed.

More information, including a description of the unlicensed taxicabs, can be accessed via a link on the Department of Code Enforcement homepage-

Monday, August 2, 2010

Open House at Norwood Pride Center Aug 10th

Just wanted everyone to know about the different things that are going on at Pride Center. On August 10, 2010 we will be having an open house so people can learn about the different activities and stuff.

Kool Smiles will be on site to give parents information about how to make an appointment for their kids can go to the dentist.

ATA Family Martial Arts will also be there and be doing a demo class for children ages 3-12 that want to take Taekwondo lessons starting in Sept. Class space is limited, we are doing a first come first serve bases. Cost is only $20 per month( less than half of what everyone else is charging), and there will be a $10 deposit required to hold your child’s spot in class and finally payment is due on Aug 30.

Tutoring Program- The tutoring program will start back this fall contact Brenda Mcatee for more information

Avon- Margo Holiman will be representing avon

Zumba Workout Class- sign up for Zumba at open house and only pay $8 for the Month of August

Norwood Neighborhood Association- Learn more about the association and ways to get involved with the community

Hip Hop Classes- learn more about the hip hop classes that will take place on Saturdays starting in September you can meet instructors( members from IU essences dance squad) at the neighborhood get together on Aug 14 at 4.

Pride Center is also having a yard sale (brand new stuff that was donated) on August 6th and 7th for more information about the yard sale contact Brenda mcatee.

Neighborhood Get together will be Aug 14 at pride center at 4pm. We are currently looking for donation of hotdogs, brats, burgers, chips, pop, fruit. Bake beans. Mac and cheese, spaghetti, dip, and cake or you could donate money and we will be happy to go get the items for you. We will be having a meeting about the get together on Aug 10 after the open house at 730 please plan to attend.

For more information about any of the programs, or events please contact me

Tiffany parker 748-0963 or email

Upcoming Road Closures for Railroad Crossing Repair

The railroad crossing repairs going on in our area will mean some road closures. Here’s the latest information:

1. 1828 English Avenue (English Ave., just east of State)
TOTAL ROAD CLOSURE for Railroad Crossing Repair.

WHEN: August 9, through August 14, 2010.
DETOUR: Westbound south on Rural, west on Hoyt, south on Keystone, west on Prospect, north on State and west on English Avenue.
DETOUR: Eastbound south on State, east on Prospect, north on Keystone, east on Hoyt, north on Rural and east on English Avenue.

2. 345 South State Avenue
TOTAL ROAD CLOSURE of State Avenue for Railroad repair.

WHEN: August 2, through August 7, 2010.
DETOUR: Northbound west on English, north on Shelby, east on Southeastern, north on State Avenue.
DETOUR: Southbound west on Southeastern, south on Shelby, east on English and south on State Avenue.

Mayor Greg Ballard Announces Green Building Incentive Program

Under the direction of Mayor Ballard, the Office of Sustainability has partnered with the Department of Code Enforcement to develop a green building incentive aimed at encouraging more sustainable buildings in Indianapolis.

“Green buildings are an important component of a more sustainable Indianapolis. With this new green building incentive, our desire is to increase the number of green, or sustainable, buildings in Indianapolis, moving us closer to being one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest,” said Mayor Greg Ballard.

The green building incentive program is designed to incentivize property owners and developers to renovate and/or construct new buildings in a sustainable manner, and is the first of its kind in Indianapolis. The program allows for building projects to receive up to a 50% rebate on all building permit fees associated with the green project. The incentive encourages building owners and developers to integrate sustainable design techniques and practices into building projects.

To qualify for the rebate, projects must meet specific criteria that equate to measurable benefits to building owners, occupants, and citizens of Indianapolis. The criteria, although principally based on LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, a rating system created by the U.S. Green Building Council), do not require a building to be LEED-registered or LEED-certified. However, a building project that is seeking LEED-certification of any level will qualify for all or part of the rebate.

K√§ren Haley, Director of the Office of Sustainability, states, “In 2009, we announced the creation and availability of the Green Supplemental Document. Now, with the green building incentive, we are catapulting green building forward in Indianapolis. This green building incentive puts Indianapolis on par with other major cities in the U.S. who are encouraging green building techniques.”

Allyson Pumphrey, Project Manager of Green Buildings and Green Infrastructure, noted, “Green buildings benefit the building’s occupants because they typically use less energy and water and thus have lower operating costs than traditional buildings. They also reduce storm water runoff, reduce construction waste, and utilize renewable materials and energy sources, all of which benefits our local environment.”

The incentive rebate becomes effective on August 1, 2010. All building projects that pursue building permits on or after August 1, 2010 are eligible to receive the rebate.

For more information on the criteria, process, and rebate qualifications, visit the Office of Sustainability website at Specific information about the green building incentive can be found here:

To learn more about Mayor Ballard’s vision of making Indianapolis one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest, visit