Friday, May 29, 2009

Front Porch Fridays

INRC's Front Porch Fridays

1802 N. Illinois St.

Remember a time when people met on their neighbor's front porch?

Relationships were built, resources were shared and results were obtained for the community.

INRC is bringing back this old time tradition this summer. Come share your neighborhood news, events, and stories over a tall glass of lemonade or ice cold sweet sun tea with neighbors from across the city. The atmosphere will be just right for conversation over a game of checkers, horseshoes, or cards with some old pals or new friends. Bring your lawn chairs and come join us as we meet our neighbors one Friday each month this summer:

June 5th, July 10th, and August 7th from 11:30-1:00pm at INRC.

Our June get together will feature conversations on the first chapter of the book, The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits by John McKnight.

Podcast and hard copy of the chapter will be available on the INRC website at next week, for more information or to RSVP call 920-0330 or

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