Thursday, August 20, 2009


A prestigious honor given by the Mayor's Office – will once again recognize Indianapolis citizens for their volunteer contributions and commitment to community service.

Marion County Residents can be nominated in one of several categories including Arts, Business, Church, Special Needs, Education, Elderly, Health/Hospitals, Media, Neighborhood, Philanthropy, Sports, and Youth Services. Please see the attached nomination form for the eligibility and criteria requirements for the recipients’ consideration.

Award nominations are open to residents of Indianapolis/Marion County. If you would like to nominate a candidate, please complete a nomination form and return it by Friday, September 11, 2009.

Mayor Greg Ballard will honor MCS award recipients at a ceremony in November 2009. The names of each recipient will be engraved on individual bricks and will be placed at the Mayor's Volunteer Plaza at the 11th Street Admiral Spruance basin on the Canal.

Eligibility and Criteria for the MCS Award

•The MCS nominee should be committed to improving the City of Indianapolis and Marion County through voluntary personal service to its citizens to meet community needs.

•The MCS nominee will be judged on initiative and good work accomplished through volunteer service.

•Nominations should be made for direct service, board service or administrative volunteering.

•An individual, agency, corporation, or organization may nominate individuals.

•Decisions made by the judges are final.

•Nominees must be residents of Indianapolis/Marion County.

To qualify, a nominee must have three references who may be contacted to verify the scope and extent of the nominee's activities. References should be persons familiar with the community service activities for which the nomination is made, and should not include either the nominee or any persons related to the nominee. The nominator may not be included as one of the three references listed.

Nominators are asked to describe and highlight how your nominee volunteers to serve the community and limit your comments to 500 words.

Tips for Completing the Nomination Form

Your essay may want to address one or more questions like:

•How many hours does the nominee volunteer per month?

•Describe the need for the volunteer’s service.

•Did the nominee start a new program, use new methods to solve problems, initiate activities, or promote collaboration with other organizations? Explain.

•Describe the impact the nominee’s service made to the community.

•What are your nominee’s thoughts about volunteerism?

You are encouraged to interview your nominee to gain a deeper level of information concerning their volunteer service, motivation, and any special or unique challenges or circumstances.


Please submit nomination form to MCS Awards, Douglas Hairston Office of the Mayor, 200 E. Washington St., 2501 City-County Building, Indianapolis, IN 46204, fax to (317) 327-5271, or e-mail

The deadline is September 11, 2009. If the nomination form is received after the deadline date, it will be included in the next year's selection process.

For more information, or to access the nomination form, please visit:

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