Wednesday, August 5, 2009


As a result of severe thunderstorms yesterday, August 4th, the Department of Public Works (DPW) has been earnestly working throughout the day to address clean up efforts as a result of the storms impact.

To assist residents in disposal of large tree debris, beginning Monday, August 10, DPW’s Solid Waste Division will begin monitoring the area experiencing the most damage in down trees bordered by 10th St. (north), Brookvile Rd. (south), Kitley St.(east) and Sherman Ave. (west) and will pick up large tree and limb debris.

“In addition to clearing public areas, we want to ensure that we provide as much assistance as we can to residents who need help with disposal of large wooded debris,” said DPW Director David Sherman. “We can’t encroach upon private property, but if residents can get the debris to the curb over the weekend, we’ll have vehicles out to pick it up during the week.”

City workers are not able to access private property to remove any wooded debris, so residents must ensure that large tree and/or limb debris is placed at the curb.

Smaller wooded debris should be cut and bundled into 3 foot lengths weighing not more than 40lbs and placed so that the bundles can be collected with regular trash pick-up.

Residents outside the boundaries of the heaviest hit area should contact the MAC at 327-4622. Inspectors will investigate reported concerns and will address those that warrant assistance.

During the night and early morning, about 200-300 trees were reported down with about 60 locations blocking right of way areas and about 100 taking down power lines. DPW’s Water Services Division assisted the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) with two crews of four people each for tree removal throughout the evening hours. One crew from Water Services continued work with DPR to assist in finalizing tree removal from public areas today. DPW’s Street Maintenance and Solid Waste Divisions also cleared about 25 tree locations. The Street Maintenance Division remained on standby in case of additional requests for help.

Also as a result of the storm, six intersections are currently reported still without power resulting in inoperable traffic signals. Commuters should treat these areas as a 4-way stop.

Indianapolis Power and Light reports about 13,000 homes still without power. Power is expected to be up in all areas by mid-day Thursday, August 6, 2009.

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