Sunday, November 7, 2010

United States Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services Takes Steps to Discourage Pest Bird Roosting

Because Downtown property owners, employees, residents and visitors are concerned about health, public safety and clean up costs, United States Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services (USDA-WS) will implement a variety of methods to discourage starlings and crows from roosting Downtown this fall.

Periodically in the evenings beginning Monday, November 8, USDA-WS staff will use pyrotechnics and lasers to discourage flocks from roosting Downtown. USDA-WS staff will be in uniform and working from sidewalks and selected rooftops. The pyrotechnics make loud shrill sounds and booms. If your employees, visitors or residents hear or see these efforts, please let them know that this is part of USDA-WS’s efforts to discourage these pest birds from roosting Downtown.

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