Sunday, November 7, 2010

Code Enforcement Issues License Denials to 4 Taxicab Companies

The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE) today announced the denial of license applications of four taxicab companies, representing approximately 32 cabs.

The licenses were denied for failure to comply with a variety of requirements and obligations provided for in the Revised Code. Causes for the license denials include such violations as failure to maintain a dispatch log, failed body or mechanical inspections and failure to maintain a dispatch facility.

The following companies are no longer licensed and should not be operating effective today: Indy Star, Indy Flyer, AAA Best and Ameritaxi.

“These license denials illustrate how DCE uses business licensing as a means to deter illegal behaviors that impact the quality of life in the City,” said Rick Powers, Director of the Department of Code Enforcement. “A core component of the Department is to protect the public from business behaviors that can have a negative impact on the health, safety or convenience of the citizens of Indianapolis.”

Whenever possible, DCE licensing staff will work with the companies who demonstrate that they have corrected any issues to bring their companies into compliance and operate a business responsibly within the requirements set forth by the Code.

“DCE will continue to take action against companies that do not follow the obligations of the Code. These denials are another example of how we are taking proactive measures to protect our residents and visitors from companies that do not comply with the law,” said License Administrator Adam Collins. “We will continue to focus our efforts on ensuring that every company meets the basic obligations of the Code.”

The public is asked to report any of the taxis associated with the above identified companies in operation to DCE via the (317) 327-TAXI telephone line or the email address. Citizens will be asked to include their name and contact information, the taxi cab number, and a brief narrative describing the activity witnessed. More information, including a description of the unlicensed taxicabs, can be accessed via a link on the DCE homepage at

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