Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf collection will begin Monday, November 8th, and run through December 3rd. You may set out 40 bags of leaves each week. If you are in a 96 gallon cart area, please make sure that the leaves are 3 ft away from your trash cart. Please do not set out open bags of leaves. If you are using kraft paper bags, great, but please secure them across the top with a big piece of tape. If the leaves are scattered because the bag is open, the driver is not going to rake them back up.

On the webpage it states that compost is available for free at Southside Landfill. This is only true in the spring, for as long as the compost lasts. You will want to call them before you go out there to see if it is ready, and if there is any left. 247-6808 is the number there.

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