Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The City of Indianapolis today announced the release of a Request for Information (RFI) to gather information about how the City can expand its current recycling program.

"As we make Indianapolis one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest, it is important we give our citizens convenient opportunities to be good stewards of the environment by responsibly disposing of their recyclable materials," said Mayor Greg Ballard.

The RFI was released through the Department of Public Works (DPW) in an effort to learn, from experienced vendors, ways in which the city can expand its current recycling program. Additionally, the City is interested in information pertaining to the processing of these products as well as any other ideas leading to an expansion of the current recycling program. It is the intent of the City to further the objective of enhancing its current reduction, reuse, recycling and material recovery programs at the lowest net cost to the city.

"Curbside recycling is definitely the gold standard of residential recycling programs," said City's Office of Sustainability Director, Kären Haley. "Our current drop-off recycling program is a huge success, showing that our citizens are willing to recycle. In order to move to a comprehensive curbside program, we want to make sure it's something the citizens want and is economically feasible."

Under the City's current recycling program, there are twenty-eight (28) residential drop-off locations throughout Marion County that collect plastics #1 & 2, paper, paper board, aluminum and steel beverage containers and glass. Curbside recycling is available to all residents for a nominal fee on a voluntary subscription basis. The City also offers an eCycling service for residents to drop off recyclable electronics for proper disposal. To learn more about the current program visit http://www.sustainindy.org/recycling.cfm.

To learn more or to read/respond to the RFI in its entirety, visit http://www.indy.gov/eGov/City/Controller/Purch/Bids/Pages/BiddingOpportunities.aspx#d.

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