Friday, September 24, 2010

Mayor Signs Executive Order Prohibiting Open Burning

Mayor Greg Ballard today signed an Executive Order prohibiting open burning in Indianapolis and Marion County. This measure was taken as a result of the extreme dry climate in Central Indiana.

“The recent dry weather conditions pose an imminent threat to our grass, crops, leaves and other vegetation, and as a result it is imperative that we take measures to ensure environmental safety and fire prevention throughout our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Ballard.

The Executive Order contains the following provisions:

· All open burning at any time and at any place within the Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County is hereby prohibited.

· All fire, police, and code enforcement personnel are hereby directed to use vigilance in enforcing the provisions of this Executive Order No. 2, 2010, until such time as it is rescinded.

· This Executive Order No. 2, 2010, shall continue until further notice as dictated by public safety concerns and weather and environmental conditions.

To read the Executive Order in its entirety visit:

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