Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check Out Fountain Square Academy

Fountain Square Academy, one of only three public high schools in all of Marion County to make AYP (federal standards for academic achievement) in 2008, launched a television commercial today to inform neighbors of its many programs and to encourage students to enroll in its unique college prep program. Fountain Square Academy (FSA) was invited into the community by the Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation and is now in its 5th year of operation. It serves grades 5-12 and partners with both Ivy Tech Community College and Garfield Park. High school students are enrolled in college classes and the school pays for the tuition and the textbooks. The high school's staff helps students while they are taking the college classes. Last year, students at its sister school, Fall Creek Academy, graduated with as many as 33 college credits and went on to a 4-year university as a sophomore. FSA partners with Garfield Park to offer basketball and other sports programs for students. Teach For America teachers will be working at the school this fall, too.

Last year, students at the school outperformed more than 73 percent of their counterparts across the country in what they learned in one year's time. The school is free to the public and provides the free breakfast and lunch program as well as transportation. To enroll, please log onto today. School starts August 10.

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