Monday, October 4, 2010

Weed Ordinance Revision is up for City-County Council Vote

Support the code change allowing the exclusion of rain gardens and native plantings from the Indianapolis weed laws at the DPW Council committee review. The proposal passed in committee, and will go on for a vote by the full City-County Council this Monday evening on Oct 4.

This is the time we would definitely benefit from the support of Marion County residents who are in favor of such a change. Please feel free to pass the word along to other folks. If folks can't attend the meeting, they could instead contact their city council person before the meeting on Monday night.

It is proposal #261 on the agenda at

The proposed changes the code can be found at

There was some concern in the committee meeting about the deletion of the “nature habitat area” exclusion (on page 2). The folks supporting this change are hoping to be able to answer these concerns at the council meeting on Monday night. Essentially, they believe that the properties that now are excluded using the “nature habitat area” definition will either fall into the “Native Wildlife Planting Registry” or they are already excluded from residential weed laws due to their existing zoning (such as school, park, or corporate “nature parks”).

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