Friday, July 16, 2010

The buzz about Mosquitoes

Here are some tips provided by the Marion County Health Department:

* Take a walk around where you live, play and work. Look for any container capable of holding water. Empty it, cover it, clean it, place it indoors. Mosquito larvae can survive in two teaspoons of water inside a Styrofoam coffee cup.
* Clogged gutters, unused tires, ornamental garden ponds and small splash pools are areas mosquitoes like to lay their eggs.
* Mosquitoes do not fly far from where they hatched. If you are being bitten, something in the vicinity is likely to blame.
* When going out an hour before dusk, the time of heightened mosquito activity, wear long sleeves, long pants and/or use a repellent with the ingredient DEET.

If you need to have your neighborhood fogged for mosquitoes, please call: 221-7440 to schedule that with the Health Department.

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