Monday, June 14, 2010

RebuildIndy public meeting

The next RebuildIndy public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16 at 6pm at the Perry Township Government Center. The meeting is hosted by Councilor Day. However, the Mayor will be highlighting existing and proposed projects in all of the surrounding districts as well. The councilors whose districts border Councilor Day’s have been invited. They include:

Susie Day

Brian Mahern

Dane Mahern

Ben Hunter

Jeff Cardwell

Mike Speedy

Aaron Freeman

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss current plans for how the PILOT money will be invested in those districts. The Mayor will give a formal presentation that lasts about 20-25 minutes. Following that, the residents are invited to talk with DPW engineers, give feedback for what projects they believe should be included, and examine maps and materials related to the spend.

I encourage you to come out for this meeting to provide input. For those of you in neighborhood associations or CDC’s, you might want to bring your top 10 lists for things like streets, sidewalks, curbs, bridges, and alleys.

Lisa Laflin

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