Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Mayor Greg Ballard and Congressman André Carson today announced plans to help restore many of Indianapolis’ most deteriorated streets and bridges with $22.9 million in federal stimulus funding.

The funding, which was awarded as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, will also assist in the creation and retention of approximately 550 local jobs. The city is expected to complete several transportation projects that will improve quality of life in Indianapolis neighborhoods.

“We as a city cannot accept less than the best we can do for every neighborhood,” said Mayor Ballard. “This funding will help tremendously as we work to correct our failing infrastructure in areas that need it most and put hardworking Hoosiers to work.”

“This is the kind of local jolt to our economy—and the kind of improvements to our neighborhoods—that I envisioned nearly a year ago when I supported the Recovery Act,” Congressman Carson said. “This $22 million infusion is not only creating 500 plus jobs, it’s making a substantial investment in areas of our city that need it most and setting the stage for further private sector investment down the line.”

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) was awarded the ARRA funding in June 2009, and construction for these projects is expected to begin in spring 2010. With the $22.9 million, DPW anticipated completing 97 lane miles of paving and five bridge projects; yet, with efficient project management and competitive construction bids, DPW achieved approximately $7 million in savings. DPW plans to reallocate that savings and complete an additional 35 lane miles of paving and eight bridge projects with the remaining ARRA funding.

The street and bridge projects, which are planned citywide, were selected based on the frequency of DPW street maintenance and repairs in the area, as well as resident calls to the Mayor’s Action Center.

In addition to assisting in the completion of much needed infrastructure work, the ARRA funding also will provide opportunities to stimulate local, long-term economic growth. According to the US Department of Transportation, for every $1 million invested, 25 jobs will be created and/or sustained in Indianapolis.

“Just as a city maintains and periodically improves its infrastructure, building the local economy also is key in Indianapolis’ plan to become a more vibrant, healthy place to live,” said David Sherman, DPW director. “Approximately 550 jobs will be created with these funds, which will improve this community and citizens’ quality of life.”

Residential resurfacing also will be constructed in 2010. Since many of the city’s main thoroughfares will be improved with ARRA funding, the 2010 resurfacing program has been earmarked primarily for residential resurfacing. In future years, DPW will continue to seek additional funding sources in an effort to improve service to residents. By 2012, DPW plans to identify funding sources and increase the maintenance budget to $27 million.

The residential resurfacing street segments were selected based on need, and the areas with the worst road conditions had the highest priority. City-county councillors’ input on behalf of residents was taken into consideration. Partial resurfacing will be incorporated into storm water and sanitary projects as well.

Projects completed with ARRA funding awarded to the city will aid DPW in keeping its commitment to maintain infrastructure, traffic safety and help motorists navigate safely throughout the city. For more information on the city’s upcoming street and bridge projects visit

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