Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's raining! From Dennis P.

Please review this info from DPW regarding what looks like it will be a fairly significant rain event. The second part of the information from DPW outlines property owner responsibilities regarding storm inlets and such. Please take a moment and check any inlets near your house to make sure they are free of debris. If you do this and still have high water, then please let me know.

Thanks and keep dry!

Dennis Papenmeier


The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) is preparing for heavy rain and potential flooding as forecasted.

* Our crews will be out on "Rain Routes.” Each crew will have a designated area to inspect for storm inlet plugging, ditch or creek flow problems and drainage issues in general.

* Plugged inlets around the city which flood streets will be cleared off and monitored for proper water flow.

* We are monitoring local river, creek and stream levels, and we will deal with any problems to the extent that we can. We usually have to return once the water levels go down to remove any obstructions to enable the proper flow of water.

* We will be checking known problem areas around the city.

* Sandbags are available at 1725 S. West Street if needed.

* As public safety is our top concern, we are urging residents to exercise caution when approaching high water areas. DO NOT drive through areas where high water signs are posted.

Property owners are responsible for making sure drainage ditches, driveway pipes and drainage easements are free and clear of debris, leaves, weeds, high grass and other objects that will obstruct the flow of water. As a result, residents should:

* Keep storm inlet grates clear of debris, trash and leaves.

* Maintain swales and ditches, including roadside ditches by mowing to eight inches or less and keeping them free of fill and debris.

* Work with neighbors to clear brush, debris and other blockages from neighborhood creeks and ditches.

* Make sure driveway culverts are free of debris, in good repair and set to proper elevation so that water doesn’t back up.

* Call the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC (4622) to report illegal dumping in waterways.

Of the city’s 10,000 miles of drainage facilities, about 6,000 exist on private property. Ponding water most often occurs on private property and may be the result of one or more factors. The city will address ponding water on private property if it’s a result of failed city infrastructure. To report a problem, please call the Mayor's Action Center (MAC) at 327-4622.

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